GEN Store manufactures Life Science reagents that for different fields of research that are available through worldwide partners

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 Genprice GEN Store AAT Bioquest Abbexa Abnova Agrisera Alomone Atlas Antibodies BellBrook BioVendor Biomatik Biosensis CalBioreagents Cell Biolabs Columbia Crystal Chem Cytoskeleton DIAsource Duchefa Biochemie BV ECM Biosciences EXBIO Ebba Biotech Echelon Enzo Epigentek Equitech-Bio FabGennix G-Biosciences GeneCopoeia Hycult IQ Products ichorbio Icosagen Immundiagnostik ImmunoReagents Jackson LC Laboratories LifeSensors Lumiprobe Mabtech Matreya MedKoo Biosciences MyBioSource Nanoprobes Norgen Biotek ProSci ProSpec ReliaTech Rockland SouthernBiotech StressMarq Synaptic Systems TRC USBiological Worthington Cayman Bio


What reagents are manufactured at GEN Inc.?

Molecular Biochemical Products:

GEN Store Biochemical reagents RNAi cDNA PCR and qPCR Molecular Weight Marker tool enzyme Transfection reagent other

Cell Biology Products:

GEN Store cell culture cytokine Recombinant protein cell signal transduction Cell Analysis Kit stem cell research virus product native protein other

Immunology Products:

GEN Store Antibody Secondary Antibodies Tag antibody Internal reference antibody substrate Immunology Kit other

Botanical Products:

GEN Store plant medium vegetable gel growth regulator other

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