NATtrol is a brand name associated with ZeptoMetrix Corporation, a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of quality control materials and diagnostic products for infectious disease testing, molecular diagnostics, and virology research. NATtrol products are designed to help laboratories ensure the accuracy and reliability of their nucleic acid testing (NAT) assays, particularly those used for the detection and quantification of viral pathogens.

NATtrol products include:

Nucleic Acid Controls: NATtrol offers a range of nucleic acid controls that mimic the genetic material of infectious agents, such as viruses. These controls are used to validate the performance of nucleic acid amplification assays, including PCR (polymerase chain reaction), RT-PCR (reverse transcription PCR), and other molecular diagnostic methods. NATtrol controls contain non-infectious, intact, and replication-competent viral particles or fragments, allowing laboratories to assess the accuracy and sensitivity of their assays.

Viral Panels: NATtrol provides viral panels that consist of multiple targets or strains of viruses commonly encountered in clinical and research settings. These panels are designed to challenge and evaluate the performance of NAT assays across a broad spectrum of viral pathogens, including respiratory viruses, bloodborne viruses, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and emerging infectious diseases.

Quality Control Materials: NATtrol offers quality control materials for use in routine laboratory testing and proficiency testing programs. These materials are formulated to mimic clinical specimens and contain known concentrations of target analytes, allowing laboratories to monitor the accuracy, precision, and reliability of their testing methods over time.

Custom Services: NATtrol also provides custom services for the development and production of specialized controls and panels tailored to specific laboratory requirements or research applications. These custom solutions enable laboratories to address unique testing challenges or validate new assays for emerging pathogens or variants.

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