Density Gradient Media

Density Gradient Media

Density gradient media refers to substances or solutions that are used to create density gradients for the separation, purification, and isolation of biomolecules, cells, or organelles based on their buoyant densities. These gradients are typically formed by layering solutions of different densities in a centrifuge tube, where the density gradually increases from the top to the bottom of the tube.

Density gradient media can be composed of various substances, including sucrose, cesium chloride (CsCl), Percoll, Ficoll, and OptiPrep. These media are chosen based on their ability to form stable density gradients, compatibility with the sample being separated, and ease of use in the particular application.

Overall, density gradient media play a crucial role in various biological and biomedical research applications, providing researchers with a powerful tool for separating and purifying biological components based on their buoyant densities.

  1. OptiPrep™: OptiPrep™ is a trademarked product by Axis-Shield, now part of Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences), which is a sterile, iodixanol-based solution used for creating density gradients in centrifugation protocols. OptiPrep™ is commonly used for cell separation, organelle isolation (such as mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum), and virus purification due to its low viscosity and biocompatibility.
  2. Lymphoprep™: Lymphoprep™ is a trademarked product by Axis-Shield, now part of Cytiva, specifically designed for the isolation of lymphocytes and mononuclear cells from whole blood or buffy coats. It is an isotonic, sterile, polysaccharide-based solution that forms a density gradient suitable for the separation of lymphocytes and mononuclear cells by density gradient centrifugation.                                                                   Lymphoprep Reactif
  3. Polymorphprep™: Polymorphprep™ is a trademarked product by Axis-Shield, now part of Cytiva, designed for the isolation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs or neutrophils) from whole blood or bone marrow. Polymorphprep™ forms a density gradient that allows the separation of PMNs from other blood components based on their density.                             Polymorphprep
  4. Gentodenz®: Gentodenz® is a trademarked product by Axis-Shield, now part of Cytiva, and is a sterile, non-ionic, iodinated gradient medium used for cell separation and organelle isolation. It is often used in protocols requiring low-osmolality gradients, such as isolating fragile cells or organelles. Gentodenz® can be used in a variety of applications, including density gradient centrifugation, cell separation, and organelle purification.


These density gradient media are widely used in various research fields, including immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, and clinical diagnostics, to isolate and purify specific cell types, organelles, viruses, or other biological components based on their buoyant densities. They offer researchers a reliable and efficient method for obtaining highly purified samples for downstream analyses and applications.



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    OptiPrep™ is a sterile, endotoxin-tested, multi-purpose separation medium of 60% iodixanol in water with a density of 1.32 g/ml, ideal for isolating viruses, subcellular organelles, membranes, macromolecules and cells, especially when controlling...
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