mRNA Products

mRNA Products

GEN manufactures mRNA (message RNA) worldwide. 

The complete mRNAs that have completed the capping and tailing steps and can be directly used for translation by the ribosome.

The vast majority of catalog mRNAs are available in two forms: 

  1. unmodified 
  2. 5-methyluracil-modified mRNA

4 mRNA categories: 

  1. reporter mRNA
  2. gene editing mRNA
  3. gene replacement mRNA
  4. antigenic mRNA. 

Custom proteins:

  1. Reporter mRNA  CleanCap beta gal mRNA, antigen mRNA Almost any protein can be produced quickly and cost-effectively by designing mRNA.
  2. mRNA as a vaccine antigen can induce a strong immune response without the risks posed by viral vaccines.
  3. Exogenous mRNA can be recognized by pattern recognition receptors in cells, whether in vitro (eg, dendritic cells) or in vivo (using delivery vehicles such as endosomes), so mRNA itself can also act as an adjuvant for itself.

 For more mRNA customized products, please consult GEN modified nucleoside triphosphates

3rd Sep 2022 Maria Yordanova, Gen Store Inc.

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